Studio 102, an architecture design firm rooted in Delhi, India, embraces a multifaceted approach to its craft, seamlessly weaving together bottom-up and top-down design methodologies. With a keen eye for detail and a holistic vision, the studio places significant emphasis on the tactile qualities of materials and the act of creation itself. At its core, Studio 102 is driven by a thematic exploration that fosters a harmonious relationship between humanity and the natural world within urban contexts. By challenging conventional boundaries, the team at Studio 102 brings a fresh perspective to architecture, urbanism, landscape, and infrastructure design, blurring the lines between disciplines. Backed by a wealth of experience, technical proficiency, and a proven track record, the studio translates innovative concepts into tangible realities. Over the past seven years, Studio 102 has demonstrated its versatility through a diverse portfolio of projects spanning various building types, scales, and geographical locations, solidifying its position as a dynamic force in the architectural landscape.